Doin' Dante - Keep Those Cameras Rolling!

Dante appears on my doorstep after a recent release from prison, and when I ask him when he was the last blow he claims per month (was that before parole?). '' You're the best person to blowjob!'' Dante says, as he begins to undress for the session. He's already rock hard as he sits back and allows me to chow down on his cock. I feel that throbbing in my mouth as I bring him close several times, until finally he groans and grunts of a monster load with much of it going down my throat. While Dante shows off his cute hairy butt I take out my own cock to compare him and he was surprised by the size. Dante dresses and I turn off the camera, but while Dante in the bathroom, I move the camera in the bedroom and turn it on again. '' Come here for a minute!'' I say, and I threw my pants and sit on the bed. Soon Dante next to me, rubbing his balls and jerking my cock. I whisper to him to suck on his head a little, and he does, giving his best effort, and I soon spilling the load in the hand of Dante. '' Wow!'' Dante says. The same!

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