Eight and a half inches of fun

Taylor Jones is a hot guy right with lots to offer to the world of porn. Eight and a half inches, to be exact! This hunky blonde came to me with some of the best answers to my casting couch the questions I've heard in quite some time. It looks innocent enough, but when I started asking Jocky Taylor some of my more juicy questions, the most beautiful countries of the pearls of wisdom came out of his mouth. Now, Taylor is defined as a straight guy (heard that one before). But this college cutie loves to take it in the ass as he likes to give it. Taylor confesses again and again that he loves women. He also has a fantasy about fucking chick with a dick. But when it was time, Taylor will take his pink pucker that a member of another. With all the talk about anal sex and Trannys, there is sparkle in the eyes of Taylor and his shyness peels as easily as his shirt does. He exposes the cut and elastic breast and Lean Six pack lightly covered with blond hair, body. Taylor begins to dig into his underwear on his cock, which is already stiff as a board. I look over his shoulder as he pulls out his huge cock pierced pink. This **** has everything going for him, a great body, big hairy bushes, and a pair of low hanging balls that just beg to be the cradle. As Taylor starts stroking faster and faster, his cock is getting more and more full and impressive. Taylor moved to the bed to get a little more comfortable and make it available only for small cheeks ol 'me. His middle finger traces his pink-rimmed hole and then plunges deep into its cavity. This anal activity too much for Taylor, he turns to back quickly and stroking his cock through. Great all-American white boy load comes shooting out of the tip and landed on his bright patch pube. Taylor smiles at the camera, obviously relieved of the burden that was weighing him down all day. Damn, I I like straight guys!

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