Erotic Kabuki

Kabuki dancers in old Japan often male prostitutes who serviced mixed male and female clientele. Even today, most of Kabuki actors are gay. Here we find the courtesans kabuki men (Toraemon) dancing to your client, Kagoshima, clad only in a Japanese fundoshi (loincloth) and then sexually seduce. After performing ancient and traditional "Kabuki Dance" for Kago, it is time for Toraemon commits an act of loyalty, paying homage to their Lord. He gets on his knees sucking dick in Kago. Kago but should be released in many ways, the only oral pleasure. Soon 2 are on the bed and our insatiable Toraemon bottom ready to go out on a limb Lord's Kago. Erotic dance kabuki continues in the form of sexual love. 2 exploded in eternal ecstasy together. Download this video and more here!

Added: 2013-01-02 | Duration: 6:04 | Tags: twinks blowjob fucking

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