Experimenting his virgin hole

Timo was always on top. The only thing he had in any of his Butthole is the language of someone. In fact, he likes to get his ass eaten. Most recently, he was experimenting with a few other items: fingers, mini-vibrator. But no dick! He's going to do some experimenting today. He has a blue vibrating dildo and some ass balls that he will try in his hole. He unbuckles belt and starts stroking his long cock that sticks out of his tight full brown bush. He lubes up and slides his dick a little lube on his pucker. He gently slides middle finger in his ass, groaning at the time entered. Ready for a little more ass play, he grabs the red balls and ass slathers their lubrication. First, one ball, then the next, until he got to the 4 of them deep inside while his cock rock hard. He gets stuck in the other, moaning loudly. With your feet in the air, he struggled to get another ball in, he gently eases it back. Now it's time to try a pocket pussy. Stuffing his dick in a white spiral, he moans in pleasure before grabbing the blue vibrator. He presses it against his own dick compare sizes. It's only about another match! Timo hops on his knees with his butt sticking up in the air. Then it gets stuck in his hair-lined hole before turning the vibration. With the vibrator still stuck in his sphincter, he grabs pocket pussy again to the delight of his penis. Then he goes back for a little more penetration before he jacks himself into a frenzy. With one final grunt, sperm is released into the air, landing on his rippled abs and thick brush.

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