Fingered So Deep He Can Taste His Own Hole

Derek is a newcomer on the scene, and I just can not wait to get my hands on this hairy Hunka-Hunka Burning stud. We met recently at the ceremony of the show and as soon as I saw Derek's dancing in his tiny jock strap, I knew I had to have him for my own casting couch. So I turned on the charm, dropped him my number, and voila! Sexy and fluffy fresh meat porn submitted by me for you. I knew that I loved Derek from the moment we spoke. He has just the right amount of dirty in it to be a very good time. One of the first things out of his mouth Derek was that he wanted to suck my dick. My kind of guy! I wanted to get a little further on in his head before my little head was inside it. We chatted about their aspirations. And lo and behold, Derek tells me my deepest desire is to get double stuffed! I really like this guy. My boner for this dude comes out prominently. Derek was just sitting there with his scruffy beard and hitting all the right answers is really pushing my buttons light. Derek peels his shirt and boasts a chest covered with carpet in the bad-boy tattoos. He professes his love for the natural, masculine, hairy men. Then Derek begins to look at my penis, it was a ham sandwich! Who am I to disappoint? Derek sucks mean dick, I almost lost my shit when he took me deep in his throat.

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