Skyler and Stefan are drawn before they run on the track today at the board of the field. They're shooting the shit about living with a bunch of guys in the hostel and how cute some of them. As soon as they feel flexible enough, they jump up and run away to the horizon eventually end up back in FratHouse basement. Then, the real training begins. Running really got them as super-horny and Stefan can not keep his hands to himself. They both inevitably lock lips, hands to deal with big hard dicks swathed in sweaty jersey knit before Stefan is ready to swallow cock and yanks Skyler shorts down to bury his rock hard bone deep in the softness of his vibrating throat muscles. After his face fucked for a while, Stefan flips the script, getting up and giving Skyler lean forward to pretend that he is eating the eggs of snakes. Skylar disarticulates his jaw to get that super fat piece of meat all the way to his hungry face. More and more excited strangling constriction, Stefan decides he's ready for even more stringent hole. He lifts his legs up to Skyler flog his big fat head against a quivering pink pucker, making eyes rolled back in his head. Finally, after lube and coercion, Stefan is able to squeeze his giant cock inside the abdomen and Skyler slowly pumping as he fills it with white meat. The huge size is a giant member Stefan apply too much amazing pressure to tender prostate Skyler's. Without touching his dick in white hot cum starts to pour out while Stefan looks in amazement. Not ready to stop, Stefan continues pummeling Skyler ******* hole and even makes him bend over so that he can really take control and knock the hell out of his sugar walls. Stefan eagerly supply Skyler rectum with thick veiny cock until he can not take it anymore and rips all 9 inches to spray Skyler in the face a couple of short mucus that slowly runs down her cheeks and gets more and more pillows below.

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