This week we have two very straight guys, Giovanni, 25, and Powell, 20. None of them did anything with a guy, ever. Now, how much pussy, both have some back stories about women that, they say, will strengthen my homosexuality. Eddie thinks his Geo, â?? Hero.â?? ? Please IA saw the sausage lover in action;? I donâ t think that lesbians will be MENUA?? in the near future. Grab the lube, direct hire Boys got some long meat to beat. Now, as far as what these two will do, as geo put it, I donâ? T diploma cheap.â?? To date, IA? We'll have to move them to each other and see how comfortable they are? Helping out.â buddy?? Putting porn, Powell appears up; Geoâ with no lags?. Shit, these two have some great members. As they jerk, I have to go across Powell Geo so that we can get a good look at both of them in action. ?? Itâ with shortly before Powelâ with a thrust to the thigh and his slender body tightens; Geo continues to work his cock friendâ?. Powell then issues a few, â?? Yeahsâ?? ? and oh crap; â?? Then spray semen on his groin and Geoâ?? hand. Bot h going to clean so that Powell can now give his friend a little "palm a la".

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