Ginger haired stud rubs one off

It is super rare that I get gingers on my couch, which is the whole package. Conner, a young, handsome, tall, masculine, built body, nice cock, sweet big ass bubble, and some amazing tattoos on his sexy pale body. What else can you ask for? I get to know him a little bit and start by asking him what his favorite thing to do with a girl there. To which he replies, "hands-down eating her out!" I can not help thinking, "Hmm, he likes to use his tongue and mouth. Wonder what else we could get him to put in your mouth?" Conner shared some stories of his shows with his girlfriend in public, his experience with electrical stimulation of his skinny-dipping scams. You know, the usual stuff hot straight guys do, right? Now Conner did not have sex or blew his warm load during the week. It's time to cut the jib-Jabber and get down to business. He rips off his shirt, exposing his chest and a tattoo on his left arm. Something about tattoos on pale skin just the way hot, they are worth more! Thick shaft Conner man screaming to get out of the debts of his underwear. He pulls open the waist and starts stroking his instrument friction head penis with your thumb as he completes each stroke. He pulls off his pants and underwear to his ankles, and I can see his nice big bag of balls and slapping up and down, which is very fascinating. Conner put on a great show, leaving no part of the body found. He turns to the side, allowing me to see his fleshy buttocks and even traffic jams a finger up his tight pink hairy hole. Makes you wonder what else this guy put his ass. He returns to the sitting position and continues to massage the length of its diamond hard manrod. After a few minutes, he leans back as he passes the point of no return. With a few sighs and groans, Conner shoots a huge load of steaming cum on his chest and abdomen. His gorgeous blue eyes almost look into your very persona change your state of mind into one that is filled with lust and pleasure. I ask Conner if he is ready for his action scene, and it gives my favorite answer ever ... "YES!"

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