Gobbling 5 loads

A few weeks ago I had a few minutes to talk with Dean and find out that one of his fantasies involved in Bukkake scenario type. Fortunately for him, I love that fantasy come true, especially when I get to watch it all happen. I briefly introduce him to some of my friends who will assist in the creation of this dream. Max Morgan, Bradley Rose, Caleb Colton, Clayton Archer, Reed and Dominique pumped up and ready to go. Guys get Dean to the position on his knees, and immediately get to work. Dean starts to cancel everyoneÕs pants and begins to suck every cock in a circle while the boys greet each other on. He takes his relentless beating throat like a champ and deep throats almost every member is represented before him. These guys are really rough it, pushing the stick man in his mouth, calling his name, and even a member of slapping him in the face. Dean gets stripped of his clothes, as everyone starts to get close to unleash his load. Clayton first strike, shooting streams of pearl white in the language DeanÕs. Next is Max, who moans with pleasure as he shoots and dribbles every last drop of cum from his huge dong. Bradley squeezes his cum next and Dean sucks down all the fat load. Dominic is waiting patiently for their turn, and Clayton DeanÕs restrains his head Spray his sperm in her mouth DeanÕs expectations. Last but not least, Caleb Dean throws on his back and face fucks him to completion, shooting all over the face and beard DeanÕs. Now the guys are ready to see Dean explode. He shoots several thick balls all on the stomach and on the carpet. He eats his own cum all feel great after another hard days work.

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