Hot Beefy Man Beats His Meat

Brock is hot! One hundred percent of strong meat man, it's built like a brick shithouse, and covered with a thick layer of luxurious dark fur. With its delightfully dimpled, picture perfect smile on his throbbing purple headed slamdragon, Brock Landon is the real deal. Refreshingly frank and honest in his first interview, Brock said he was straight, "at least as far as he knows!" Brock admits that experimenting with strangers for money, and claims that porn is the prospectus it was always interesting. He did not even flinch when I mention that we will be filming gay porn with him all week. In fact, the ease of this straight guy about his sexuality makes it even more tempting. At my insistence, he takes off his shirt to show his lush matting the hair on his chest. He pets her skin gently, and notes that before I asked him to grow it, he was shaving for years. Enjoying his newly decorated fluffy bear confidence, Brock settles in for the duration. He presses his cock, still asleep in his Bluejeans. Several attacks against denim later and bulge begins to appear under his groping hand. Brock unzips his jeans and rubs his growing fleshmonster through his boxer shorts. He quickly lowered his shorts to reveal his blushing cockprize, fattened and sticky tip. He spits into his hand, and aggressively grabbing his cock, pulling it tight against the shaft. Brock on both sides of the sofa now, and bent over the cushions, displays his muscular, hairy ass. He gently runs his assmouth, gently prodding his virgin hole. He spreads his cheeks, pushing his meaty bits right to me. Suddenly he turned and laid down on the couch, starts smacking his pleasure shaft against his rigid stomach muscles. I can tell, the superficiality of his breath labored, it is close to the finish. He digs into his asshole with his fingers as he pulls his cum filled cock aggressively toward his thigh. Closing his eyes, he sprays on his stomach in gushing spasms of liquid heaven. Spoon after a thick, shiny spoon, coat his furry torso muscles Laden. Brock smears his man cooze into his hair covered chest. Dragging a finger in a creamy glaze sperm, he feels himself not once, but twice! Smiling at the camera when he was asked how it felt, Brock answers, "Good. Really Good". My thoughts exactly.

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