Hot furry guy rubs his ****

Mike mechanic in the Marines. He never got the chance to fight for our country. But if he had the chance, he would be there in a second. He got the piercing gaze of a man who is ready to fight. In his desert camouflage, he looks the part, too. After telling a few stories about life in the United States Marine Corps, he is ready for some R & R. He starts rubbing his cock for a few seconds before he rips off his shirt. His smooth, muscled chest tan. Weak treasure trail leads down his rippled stomach to the waistband. He unbuckles and the trail leads to a thicker bush. He pulled his dick out of his underwear, he starts stroking it slowly. From time to time he licks his fingers lube up his dick as he bastes it with the palm of your hand. He puts his pants all the way down to his boots and spreads her legs a little wider. His furry plaque and ass cracks are visible as he continues to work on his ****. He is on his knees for a moment and gets his cock at full attention. Then he presses quickly and begins to twitch. His chest starts to flush and he grunts like a giant lump diploma jumping from the tip of his cock landing on his tattoo ribs. A few more packs of white fourth question, covering his heaving ABS with thick nectar.

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