Sexy and masculine Timo Swift here today live and chat with their audience. Timo speaks briefly about his time in the army and talks about his tattoos and what their deeper meaning. Everyone happy to see him with less clothing and Timo immediately peeled his shirt revealing his toned and muscular body. He tells us that he loves courageous people that have similar versions for themselves and, in particular, large trunks. Timo rubs his smooth body and plays with her nipple gently as he grabs his crotch through his jeans. He unbuckles the belt and pulled down his jeans. You can see his beak pitching a huge tent in his boxers. Timo plays with his little Johnson under his belt, and then grabs him and starts stroking it. On the one hand, he teases his tight hole, and the other continues to massage his penis up and down. Then he gets up and spreads his ass apart to show his hole completely, and the traces of his eyes wrinkled finger. Giving himself enough ass play, he lays back to let it load for all to see. He groans of load and shoots streams of semen that gracefully land on his chest and abdomen.

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