Sergeant Tony served three terms while in Iraq. He has led several soldiers on the battlefield in the infantry. He was proud of his military service and wears his uniform with pride today. His thick black hair is attention to the top of the head, and his full red lips to talk about his military conquests. He pulls down the camouflage pants to his ankles to get full access to its member firms, and pain in the balls. When he begins to stroke, he looks closely at the video, which is its inclusion. His caramel colored member swells as he massages it until his balls bounce off his thick thighs. Taking off his shirt, his chiseled chest and ABS show ripples when he lays back for a good wank session. With his legs slightly apart, he massages his bulging balls, squeezing the snake around his head, his swollen mess. Stroking becomes more rapid and chest and abdomen start throwing. White cum erupts from the tip of his cock as he moans, dripping down the shaft of his cock and landing in the Black Forest below.

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