Hot Three Way Fuck

There is something to smoke in the kitchen today! Super hot studs Bradley Rose, Max Morgan, and their new friend Dominic cook something special to Tony. Flirty as fuck Max seduces Dominic to come and try it what it has to offer. Bradley is never one to be left out of any kind of fun and gets in on some of the action. Intentionally, accidentally, tasting spoon goes AWOL and smears face Bradley with pasta sauce. Simple cooking session soon leads to these hot bodies lick each other's food and Max on his knees on the kitchen floor with two cocks in her mouth. Soon, the voracious appetite of the boys take over. They take turns chowing down on a hot boy straight hole, making sure that everyone gets Rimming they deserve. They reached the boiling point and ready to cook some fucking. Max is the first to take a big hot cock in his ass ginger when Dominic gets his balls drained expert Max's deep throating skills. It's getting hot in this kitchen, as Dominic flips onto his stomach and allows a huge dick hunk Max slide into his tight hole virgin. This is the hottest train to fuck what happened in my kitchen in a long, long time. Bradley beats Max's ass again, revolves around a sexy blonde and requires him to take a taste of his own ass all member Brad. Dominic takes the opportunity to bury his thick meat in Max, the price paid for the ill-binding he had just received. It's too much for my beauties in circulation, Brad and Dominic brutally thrust Max to the counter, where he is looking forward to their busy and full load. Max takes his pearls of joy on a pretty little mouth, and his big blue eyes shine with joy. Dinner a la Dirty Tony!

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