Hungry Bottom Goes Down On A Furry Otter

Today I am so happy to share an awesome match between my favorite furry otter, Seth Fisher, and the handsome and tall, Blaine. These two immediately begin discussing their love of electronic dance music and hobbies do in their spare time when they are not fucking. This leads immediately to them demonstrating their love of body hair, making out with each other's armpits while Blaine temporarily takes charge and works its way down to Seth's pants, unleashing a super thick tool to fuck. Saliva dripping from his mouth Blaine as **** during feeding, before he plunges that big ol 'cock deep in his softly ribbed esophagus. Operating throat like a pulsating techno beat, Seth's eyes can not help but roll back in his head which is a key Seth Blaine lay back and lift your legs a little - paying extra close attention to fucking his furry tight hole with a velvety pink tongue. Member Seth is filled with so many other ****** it looks more pale, but he seems ****** enough in his mind to make a decision about flipping the script and deep throating Blaine's swollen member right before licking his super-hairy ass clean like a mother cat with a rambunctious boy. Blaine could not stop moaning while Seth kept going back to the buffet again and again until it was really full and ready for connection Blaine spit covered man hole with his rock hard man hammer. Slowly sliding into home, Blaine grasps Seth big dick with his tight anal walls, strangling her and maintain a pulsating head stuck deep within him until Seth is able to struggle free and pull a few inches out, only to be sucked back into the vortex of pure pleasure. This tour inside Blaine continues the transition from dog to cowboy as he spreads his furry cheeks each apart and falls all the way down to Seth's pendulous nuts, start slowly, but gaining momentum as Seth lays there in amazement, incapable of shutting his jaw. Finally Seth pushes Blaine onto his back and aggressively doing to him while pummeling his tight pink digestive tract until cum gushes all its treasures and dark marks Seth instantly reaches the point of no return and fires load after load past Blaine's cute face and comforter behind him.

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