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At first glance, I thought I saw Kento and as I looked closer, and he began to take off my clothes, I realized that it was not. Meet Gorou, that is, the fifth son in Japanese. Gorou is another good guy, looking directly or as we call them, "hetero-flexible" but BoysStarMovie to do a solo for us. Gorou was about porn on your mobile phone and, of course, got himself worked "up." How panties come off and he leans his head back against the couch, again, I think I look Kento. Way Gorou sitting leaned back, I just want to go in between his legs and "dive in" and just hope I remember to come up for air. Nearly 2/3 of the way through, Gorou gets a surprise, as someone it goes without knowing what he was doing on solo and Gorou natural jumps. Notice he has not lost his strong back and forth on it? (Ha-ha) is a real trooper. I'm not sure if Gorou slow especially for our pleasure, but he stroking his cock getting slower and slower, and then lets him loose covering his chest and abdomen.

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