Jake Bass and Arnaud Chagall

If you've ever seen Jake Bass and / or Arnaud Chagall in action, then you will know that the two huge cumshot shooters. When one of them, they can do a solo hit his own face without breaking a sweat. And when the duo in action is always to fuck their partners, who are at risk of long-distance surprise party. Both of these models have the right to claim the title of "Champion finished," but we wanted to see how they perform under the pressure of competition. And our big surprise in this 2012 finished the competition was not that Jake and Arnaud are fierce competitors. That much we already knew. The biggest surprise was they, as an athlete conduct. Both readily admit that to be more sexually excited has a huge impact on the range of their finish. And yet each of them was willing to help his opponent to get as excited as possible. In the past, the contestants had finished the competition is largely focused on their own business and actually ignored their opponents, with the exception, perhaps, to hurl insults and try to throw them off his orgasm. Not Jake and Arno. From the word go, they really help each other to the delight of kissing, jerking and even suck each other in a state of maximum excitation. Did it work? That's right. We saw two of the most powerful Cumshots ever. So maybe the question is not "who shot into the far?" But rather "who got his opponent most excited?"

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