Jake Bass Fucks Sonny Stewart

As December 21 is closed and the imminent end of the world approaches, we asked ourselves: "Who would you want to fuck a few days left before the apocalypse?" A lot of you answered "Jake Bass, of course!" And just Videoboys' sensational new model Sonny Stewart. And even before they have ever met, we somehow knew that sparks would fly if we got them in the room. But the truth is, when we put these two cuties tattoo in a room together, they do not really have much to say to each other, and we were kind of worried that we made a bad match. Photo shoot is a bit cold for as long as we have not offered, "Well, let's try to kiss." That's when the sparks really started to fly. Jake Bass is known for its passionate kisses, and we really think he met a good match to Sonny. It was a contest of sucking face the likes of which we have never seen before. And that's just hotter from there. Sonny may be new to video, but he certainly knows his way around a cock. And Jake was happy to give him every inch of it. In fact, Jake was so busy fucking sweet ass Sonny that he completely lost control of himself. You will see that we have in mind.

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