Japanese Daddy Pleasured by Young Guys

Toraemon leads a group of young Japanese Gays, which is all set to have its way with a Japanese dad wearing a jock strap type sling. They play with nipples and massage his cock before they produce a range of toys, including anal vibrators that they use on his nipples and Toraemon identifies the device, even I have never seen before. It is battery powered and has a cup on the end that is inserted over the head of a rooster and dads Toraemon presses on. Our dad enjoying the attention for sure, when we listen to his moans and groans. It's like a trip without a teacher or guardian telling you what you can and can not do. The boys love it! (And Dad, too) Toraemon can not refuse to suck a hard cock and gives daddy some head while the other boys continue to play, explore and experiment. Toraemon glides around the back of dad and it looks like he put something in the ass dad. Then the operator is moving, and we see Toraemon fingers his ass. Well, more than one finger :) After Lubing up real good dad, boys continue using 3 fingers to explore his ass while the other boy jerks him. Now Dad gets to suck young cock (or two), and the action continues. This is a great video, "junior / senior" sex, where all parties to learn a new trick or two.

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