Jason And Derrick Round One

Jason Lee 22yo, 5 '10 "and around 165lbs. Jason here to rent Derrick that he had his eye on for a while. Derrick is not new to gay for pay "movies and have a friend who knows what he is doing and well with it. It is" progressive, "as Derrick put it. Nevertheless, Jason has a few tricks up his sleeve and caught off guard in Derrick this scene. Jason is one hell of a kisser Derrick soon find out. When we asked Derrick if he ever kissed a guy like this before, his response was "hmm ... No, never like that, "he adds," I even got a little chubby "grabbing his crotch. Jason is also a pro at sucking cock seemed to be watching the expressions Derrick and listening to his moans and groans. I must say, it promises to be one hot scene between these two boys. We'll let you decide when you see the size of the load Derrick around Jason.

Added: 2013-07-20 | Duration: 5:25 | Tags: masturbating straight guys

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