Johnny Francis and Nick Quik

Tattooed cubs Nick and Johnny Quik Francis were hungry for each other since meeting online at Bear411. After a weekend of back and forth for flirting text messages, they finally hook up in a secluded courtyard. The pair did not spend a lot of time on foreplay ... they are hungry bears for meat. Rock-n-roll Nick devours Johnny stiff cock, stroking his rigid member. Johnny's eyes rolled back in his head as Nick shows her dicksucking skills, but the meat Nick will not be ignored. Now all Johnny to eat, and it absorbs a member of Nick and buries his face deep into his heavenly asscrack. Nick is finally ready to serve up his thick rod with Johnny, and he pounds wet holes fluffy cub, until they both shoot thick, hot loads.

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 2:05 | Tags: films hairy fucking

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