Jonny and Bauer tag team Bailey

This is the first (and so far only) 3-way scene that I have ever shot, and it does not even begin to be a 3-way. First Johnny and Bailey will make the scene as Bailey was really wanting to explore his submissive side. Bauer drove Bailey again and waited in the living room. Johnny and Bailey started doing what they both agreed that it could be hot if Bauer picked me for that too. One of the first comments Johnny Bower was, "Damn!" seeing how thick his cock was. It did not take long before Bailey was on his knees to suck them both off at the same time. Bailey loved having two hard cock in her mouth, as you could tell from my own fault. His inner slut was definitely out. Soon after, all three were sucking dick in a sexual triangle. I think it was one of the rare cases where no one speaks, as all their mouths were full of cock. In preparing the fuck, Bailey quiet with legs in the air, exposing her sweet tight hole. Bauer even licked the feet Bailey for all lovers of foot there. Then it was time that I have been waiting for .... Bailey fucked! Johnny gets first dibs on the Baileys sweet hole and has him ride his dick. Then Johnny Bailey puts on her back and continues pounding his slutty hole while Bailey starts sucking Bauer. Both holes were filled Bailey .... hot! They switch and Bauer gets a crack at Bailey's ass while Johnny takes the camera and shoots a little POV action Bailey going down on his cock. Johnny is a great comment. I could not this scenario better. Finally Johnny Bower and both agree to jizz on her face Bailey. The first Bauer ... Then Johnny, as they cover the face Bailey in sperm. "This is what they call Criss Cross", says Johnny. Bauer then pulled Bailey rock hard cock until he blew while Bailey tried to moan, without opening his mouth or eyes ... his face was still plastered with cum. This boy was definitely a soldier!

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