Josh Long

24-year-old Josh Long comes to us from Nashville, Tennessee. This segment pins internally, but when he's not in school or studying, he is either fishing or on the basketball court. Today, it is at the local Y, shoot some hoops with some friends. He arrived just as the gym is open and no one around, so what better time to play a little catch with himself. His shirt comes off and he kicks off his shoes, rubbing the package on the outside of his jock strap. Josh furry chest and legs and sports a good start mustache and a beard. He turns around and begins to rub his hairy ass, spreading his cheeks to show off her hairy hole. He pulls his hard cock out of the front of his jock strap and begins stroking some solid action. Josh loses Jock and moves around the locker room, landing on the bench, and with the further understanding of his cock stroking it hard and fast, providing sperm tremors across the bench.

Added: 2013-07-20 | Duration: 5:01 | Tags: boys average/above average

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