Kaorukun: My Secret Fantasy

Kaorukun: My roommate is older than me, but I really love it. I mean really like him! One day I came home and he had a date, and they were doing on the bed. I got a raging hard just to see them, and wanting to have me with you. They did not hear me come in, "fortunately" because I could not stand by and watch them a little bit, until I got to nervous and scared they see what I see. So I went out on the patio and began to masturbate. While I jacked off I continued to dream about them. Man, I want it to be me, not lucky dude red head! They were kissing and taking each other's clothes and then sucked each other's dicks and were licking and sucking each other's nipples. They even 69'd for a while. Even if they do not fuck, what really got me looking at them to make each other cum. If I know my roommate, it will be to fuck that redhead Biatch next time! Download the full video here!

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