(. Thick and wonder meat) Sexy, tattooed and toned Pana here to decorate my studio today with his presence Pana begins talking about how he stays in shape: Dancing at gay clubs and hitting the gym as much as he can. This Puerto Rican-Italian stud must really work his body hard, I could his biceps flexing just as he was sitting there, describing to me the unique curvature of that aforementioned tool to fuck, and the other guys got to know him based on this. Even if he is a straight guy, he is no stranger to that, another dudeís lips wrapped around his cock, unfortunately, even though he never stops completely. Let's see if I can not change that sometime down the line. He strips off his shirt showing off his large, defined chest and washboard abs to go with his muscular arms. Getting back on the bed and comfortable, Pana starts working his cock through his hip-hugging black jeans. He unbuttons his belt and opens them up to reveal the universities are going commando and sporting some serious, uncut wood. True to his word, his dick has a strong, prominent curve starting about the middle of its shaft. He lets go of the breath pleasure as he strokes his cock throbbing mess, precum leaking from the tip. Dropping his pants all the way to his ankles, Pana gets up on his knees to give a whole, around view of his sculpted body. I got the camera in close his round bubble butt revealing quite hairy crack and tight balls that seem ready to take the load. How to get to the front, I pulled out a reliable roulette and lined it up from the base of his penis after it straight up his curve to the tip of that uncut monster, a little more than 7i long and almost as thick around. I threw the tape and left my hand there for a couple of additional tugs no objections. Taking this opportunity, I started stroking his gorgeous tool in my hand as Pana safely allow me to work. On the one hand, on his pulsating tool and my other traveling all over his body, I explored him from head to toe, groping his tight balls and sliding my hand a hard six-pack abs it certain, smooth chest. Panaís breathing intensified when I stroked it a little faster, precum teasing the tip of his penis. With load groan, Pana pushes his head into the pillow as his dick convulses under my expert strokes, spraying shot after shot of thick, white cum onto his smooth, tight stomach. I gave him a couple more tugs as he laid there in supreme ecstasy. This is one hung Hottie for those who use it.

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