Marc Dylan The Bodybuilder

Physique Marc Dylan Defies Convention. With its rolling biceps, cut ABS, and a huge cock It's almost enough to make you forget about your bright smile and a neighbor boy charm. We bind it to the goats, blindfolded him, and cut his clothes. His penis becomes hard and he flexes his muscles as he edged. In the next room we tie his hands behind him and bring him to the verge of cumming again. With his cock still throbbing, Mark is suspended for the first time and experiencing the whip over his body. Hogtied, we cane his ass and legs, pushing him further than he thought he could go. Stud put on the table in bondage. His muscles flex and turn around his body as he squirms from the intense cock stroking. Finally, after a long session of extreme edging, he blows a hot load all over his muscles.

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