Sergeant Slate enlisted U.S. Marine because he wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. He served the full eight years, because he knew that as time went by, it will get better positions and more responsibilities. It tells the story of fighting the bad guys in Afghanistan. One night, when his helicopter is going to take out the enemy position, they started taking fire. The men had to fight in their underwear in order to protect themselves from combatants. Hearing the other side laugh at them on the radio, the Marines decided to pull out the big guns. They ended up taking out the bad guys, and all survived. After telling his story, slate ready to show us his heavy artillery. Leaning back on the sofa, he massages his meat through his cammies. He takes off his shirt and shows huge muscles covered with colorful ink. He is ready to whip out their military member and starts stroking his giant biceps flexing with every movement of his hands. He lays back to really enjoy himself, pushing his cammies all the way down to his boots combat. His Schlong grows as he caresses. Getting up, he leans with his massive ass in the air, continuing to stroke. He reaches back and spreads her round buttocks to reveal perfectly pink puckered hole. With his eyes tightly closed, he works his finger in his sphincter, massaging his prostate from the inside. A little more fun rectal and he is ready for unloading. His cheeks were flushed more like his pleasure juices begin to swell on the surface. Several thick granules leak from its rigid soldier, it runs the shaft and into his dark brown bush.

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