Matt Sizemore and Ray Dalton

Ray kneels before bouncing rod Matt as he swallows his cock balls deep. Matt missing his head and pushes it to do even more. Ray comes back up for a small amount of air that welcomes Matt puckering hole. Ray buries his face deep into Matt's ass cheeks and devours his twitching crack. Matt switches gears and exchanges favor as he eats rims and furry butt crack Ray. Hole Ray eagerly welcomes the language of Matt as he primes I'm ready for his bare cock. Matt Ray throws on his back and spreads her legs wide open. He hits his hole with hard jerks like Ray stroking his cock. They switch positions as Ray sits on Matt's raw pole and rides cowboy. Ray's butt is completely relaxed, his lips ass to grow more and more with each bounce.

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 2:22 | Tags: swallow furry hairy

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