Max Stahl

Max never happier than kitted out head to toe in leather, and we were treated to his dressing room to the outdoors, handcuffs himself and work his body in a wet and wild state in the world! Grinning as he walks towards the camera, stroking the skin of his body beneath him, he's obviously turned on and makes us just as horny as he is! With a hot beard and piercing eyes that we are all under his spell, and he loves it is a fact! We follow him around the wasteland, and he teases us with his ever-growing cock, thrusting his hips as if he fucks hand, spurting semen on the floor, and his skin, reveling in the rest of his hand and swallowing it!

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 2:04 | Tags: cuffing stroking leather

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