Mike DeMarko

25-year-old Mike DEMARKO comes to us from Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is a ski instructor. This is a solo for Badpuppy will be removed in sunny California, Mike taking a little out of my element. Sitting by the pool, Mike starts rubbing her super huge, thick, cut cock. He loses his shorts and that the size of a soda can withstand the attention of the tool, pointing to the sky! As he sits back in a chair, he wraps his arm around him and gives him a good rub and tug. His manhood is not only a super thick, but fairly long Dogger too! Mike wants to show a smooth bubble butt and inviting hole as he kneels forward on a chair with his balls magazine. He comes back around and continues giving his member firm training. Now, laying back on his towel, he strokes his chest, nipples and the entire upper part of the body. He gives his hole to fuck your finger quickly, just before bringing himself to his climax, where he proceeds to unload a few quirts creamy cumshot on his chest and ABS!

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