Mike King

22-year-old Mike King stopped massage studio ClubAmateurUSA, for his first erotic massage by our resident masseuse, Chad Brock! Mike from Georgia and works as a fast food manager, giving karate lessons in his spare time. After the interview, Chad asks Mike to undress and on the table face down. Chad chats with Mike when he starts rubbing it up and down on his ass, spreading his cheeks and rubbing his finger throbbing hole Mike. Now all 4 with his balls dangling, Chad does some rubbing, tugging and poking around! Now relaxed, Mike on the back of watch Chad massage his penis enlargement, while gently kissing him. Against the backdrop of heavy stroking, Chad begins to suck cock Mike attractive, which makes Mike's eyes roll back! Mike could hardly contain his body as tremors while he is struggling with what should diploma and he does! Mike released, ends up all over his abs. He loved his first erotic massage and Chad promises he'll be back!

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