Opening His Hole Wide

Timo and Tyler sit and talk about what they do in their free time. Timo says he loves to watch porn, movies and going to the gym when he's bored. Tyler shares the story of when he was in college. He and his Roomies would blow up porn, so that everyone in the house could be heard. He mentions how he wishes someone would just whipped member of them right here and now! With little support from Timo, Tyler instead grabs his dick hardened army. Timo likes to suck dick and Tyler's beauty. Timo descends directly to him and slurps his heart. Tyler takes off his shirt revealing his smooth solid human and knitted PEC. Tyler starts pulling off his pants Timo while he gets sucked, and then slides off Timo, so he could start bringing some felatio. Timo moans and groans as massage, hot Tyler's mouth along the shaft. The chemistry between these two is incredible. Tyler gets Timo aggressively on all fours and spread his buttocks apart. He begins to flog CDs and about Timo bubble butt. After Timo gets his fill, he is more than ready to fuck hot, Tyler military ass.

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