Ordering two military boys

Sergeant Slate caught two ordinary rest, when they should have been. Slate is a bad ass and knows how to discipline the soldiers and bring it into compliance. He makes men pushups, alternating with leg raises until they are exhausted. He orders them to their feet. Now he has decided that there are various forms of corporal punishment, these guys deserve. Ordering them to bend over and take their pants down, he explains that he's going to show them how to be a bitch. As soon as their firm asses military offered up, he explores their holes with your fingers. He tells them to use both hands to spread their cheeks, giving him better access to the double finger their holes. He tells them to get on your knees, so that they can enjoy it. Next Slate orders Axel on his back, where Sergeant sits on a stiff cock. Slate orders Jaden suck his dick and he goes Axel, grunting and groaning every time it sits firmly on the Stiffy. Now Jayden turns around and sits on a cock Slate, while he was still pierced wood Axel.

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