Preston Johnson and Sage Daniels

Preston shows her oral skills as he sucks and drooling all over the crude tools of the Sage. Sage reciprocates as he buries his face in the muscular butt muscles Preston. He fingers and licks drives his hole to get him ready for his hard cock naked. Preston slips into the raw pole Sage and takes it for a long ride, cowboy style. Preston groans and moans in delight as sage nails his hole relentlessly. Sage continues to poke raw hole, as Preston milks himself and shoots a creamy white load all over his chest and abdomen. The wise man seeks to try the finished slides to eat and eat it. He continues to fuck ass of Preston, as he shoots his load all over his throbbing hole. It generates its nut ready to butt deep into Preston as he continues to pump his cock into his sloppy crack. They each share sloppy kiss and wet snow ball at the end of it, as they lay sweaty and exhausted in each other's arms.

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