Private Eryk Gets His 1st Gay Fuck

Ryan bisexual here today to pick the brain (several direct) Private Eryk's allegation that he has to wait in the army. Ryan just enlisted in the army and is very interested in the fact that the service has in store for him. Eryk Marine tells his stories about Boot Camp, screaming sergeants, endless training and extreme daily training schemes. The Marines taught him to be self-sufficient with special training wilderness survival and night patrols. Sometimes Eryk was ******* dig a hole in the ground and squat with a friend and M16, just waiting for the opponent to attack squad in the dead of night. During the war-games that are installed lasers on their rifles and fired blanks in their opponents, getting as close to combat conditions as possible. Ryan's delight when he heard about the hand-to-hand man on man action. All night patrols, soldiers running the obstacle course, the guys are going balls to fight through the mazes are just some of the fun Ryan expect. The first thing first, though, Ryan needs a haircut. Eryk gives her new friend a hand with the scissors and get rid of the civil case. Ryan tall drink of water may still be wet behind the ears, but it looks even more ready to be broken with its fresh new cut. Private Eryk more than ready to take on another challenge today Private Ryan's big cock! The uniform-clad young men begin by raising their cocks to welcome the canvas under trousers. Then the journey home is Eryk hand gripped tightly around the ever-growing bones Ryan.

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