Reflections Of A Muscle Bear

For those of you who like your men tall, dark, handsome, we think, Alessio Romero meets these requirements. This sexy Latino as hairy muscle bear with twin view, to fuck you attitude, and sexual hunger, which often causes him to fly independently, like most of us! And, as some of you may already know, sometimes going to jerk-off session is exactly what we need in order to fully satisfy our calls when the other person isnâ? T available or in those moments when we just want to do it alone. In this scene, Alessio is back and better than ever. Firmer, stronger and more. Standing in boots and jockstraps, this hot hairy stud whips his thick, curved out of the penis, stroking before full-length mirror. When he goes to his reflection, Alessio flexes his muscles, pinch his nipples, and sniffing his sweaty armpits. But he doesnâ?? Want to come. Not now. Below, in the dungeon, Alessio uses Fleshjack, abusing it mercilessly. When he lays back in a sling, his massive thighs in the air, you can almost see his dream of a big dick gets his male fuckhole, as he continues to pump and lets loose with a thick load of sperm, which contrasts beautifully with the dark flesh and hairy belly. Slurrrppp!

Added: 2013-01-21 | Duration: 2:04 | Tags: cock hairy chest

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