Releasing Sexual Frustration

Recently, a stone house JD stops Alex Christianson looking for a company to find out because it's boyfriend cheating whore! On recovery, JD chooses to relieve a little sexual frustration, fucking Alex on the floor of the living room. First, they strip down to their underwear and Alex blows JD's impressive cock. The action gets so steamy, they move to the bedroom, which is more convenient. Alex JD blows with a vengeance before fucking his ass! Alex sits on a thick cock JD, and it rides like a cowboy! When JD gives him a doggy style position, Alex receives royal plowing ass! JD shoots his load of semen on her back Alex. Alex rolls over and shoots all over the smooth chest JD!

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 2:19 | Tags: alex twinks jocks

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