Roy Parker and Petr Kluk

Excited young Peter Kluk in the streets of Prague seeking a fit bastard spend some money on - and thankfully, it did not take long before he sees the dark-haired beauty that is Roy Parker! His negotiating tactics are not the best, however, and soon all the cash in his pocket Roy, and they leave behind his apartment in the city center! Stripping each other on the couch, Roy wanted to cocksucker and loves to get fucked by his handsome face, not to mention his peachy ass! Peter wants, as much for his cash as possible, and rent boy kneels on the couch, slaps his ass and pushes himself all the way, pushing back and forth, again and again, leaving the floor member Roy waving in the air, flipping him this way and that, until Peter had enough and shoots his load before putting it back into his boy's ass until he sees semen spurting from Roy himself!

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