Sailor's hot swollen soldier

Gunner's Mate Tom break from his strenuous exercises anti-piracy tactics to relax and impressive rub milky load of sweaty uncut cock. The tension of a lot of hours on the battlefield shows on the face of this Studly sailor. Hours of work and bodybuilding show in his impressive physique. Small but sexy patch of hair adorning his massive PEC. Dressed in the latest version of the Navy blue and gray Digi-cammies, he looks ready to fight. Tom starts with thoughtfully sits on the trunk while gently stroking disguised crotch. As the bulge in his pants is expanding, it just has to whip his big uncut sausage and hit him around. The enemy retreats from the heavy exchange of fire, wear Tom begin to flake off, revealing more skin and muscle. He leans back, grinning at squeezing that puffy swollen into a huge and frightening soldiers, apparently working up a sweat. Tom cools things down for a bit, bending over - cracked his juicy ass and fresh ones. With his cock at full salute, he will return to the start jerking even harder. Finally hovering above the barrel, Tom can not take it any more as he launches grenades semen all over the room, which explode on impact everywhere.

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