Seiji Moriya & Francisco Flores

I do not know if you got all the intro Seiji Moriya, but this fantasy moment to have a Mexican boy, Francisco Flores. Seiji would say more about his desires, but as you can see, his language is rather busy right now. Typically, these would have two oceans apart, but today they are in synchronization with the movement of the sole purpose fucking. Both guys in the game nipple as Francisco loves them twisted and Seiji loves them licked. Sucking dick also seems a common factor in their pleasures. Francisco loves his cock in her mouth and Seiji Seiji author loves his dick in the ass of his partner. Damn fast and furious before both blow their loads; Francisco on his groin and "Crema" Seiji on the mouth Francisco. See how the boys from different locations can "cum" together with so many of the same tastes, same-sex sex is universal. Download the full video here!

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 0:32 | Tags: porn interracial boys

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