Shooting Loads of Cum on His Face

What could be better than my four hot studs killing day watching America's favorite pastime, professional wrestling? Tyler Grise, America, and rookie Joe is one of my favorite cuties Timo enjoyed a cage match on the tube, when Tyler excitable Griz played the fool brings a new level. This fiery handful of starts to play rough with Timo, and all hell breaks loose. Now America is not one to be left out of any kind of man to man fun fight, so he decides to jump and Tyler show some of his special moves. Usually quiet and shy Joey sees melee stud puppy and wants some action. He grabbed one of the legs and helps Tyler Smack That Ass raw materials. Lippy Tyler gets beat up his buddies and just loving every second of it. America cries out an ultimatum to "surrender or be broken!" And what do you think? Tyler just will not willingly give up the ghost and decides to take his beating like a man. America slings his uncut sausage in Tyler's mouth and sucking needs. Tyler's lips do not speak (sort of, but not really). But his eyes say yes, yes, yes! Happy as I can be happy, it serves dicks waving in the face, takes a Cock struck on the cheek, and gets plowed by a thick cock after a fat cock.

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