Today, the field next to the FratHouse, Mick and Clayton are practicing kicking goals to get ready for the game tonight, and probably because they like to see more of each other than they would like to admit. Removal of balls back and forth got them both in the mood for some skillful maneuvering with different kinds of balls, and neither was able to fight off their dedication to the social acceptability of athletes keeping their hands to themselves during a group shower after practice. Clayton just brushed against Mick's bare ass one too many times before they were breathing through the mouth and the other feeling squeezed water backs and their dicks growing a little more with each quickening heartbeat. Mick is the first to dive head first into Clayton's engorged dick sucking it deep into his throat as Clayton moans and fucks that swollen head just a little bit deeper past Mick's uvula. Not feeling entirely selfish, Clayton decides it's time to take matters into his own mouth as he gets on his knees and showers are different types of liquid around a huge cock wiry Mick. The next thing you know how hot the athletes are 69ing on the sofa outside the bathroom as water drips everywhere and both beautiful dicks get some good face. Somewhere along the way, Mick decides that he's going to show Clayton that he picks on guys his size (and any other size that comes along). Mick easily pushes forward and Clayton curled around him to plunge that fat cock all his hard Butthole fluffy. Bending for a while, Clayton bucks back hip Mika, voluntarily crushing their bodies as the Mick underworld regions investigate complex twists and turns of Velvet Goldmine Clayton. Proving his athleticism once again, Mick Clayton hugs his shoulders and falls back pulling him along and plowing his cock deep into extra that fertile soil as gravity helps push it as far down as he could get. Mick really enjoys aggressively bashing the hell out Clayton's prostate and listening to noises of pleasure he ******* do before twisting Clayton around into regular cowboy and once again flipping the little guy back with his legs in the air as his boy pussy is completely annihilated . For the Grande finale, Clayton goodbye first obtaining his innards worked so hard that the diploma is really fucked out of him, showering his sculpted ABS with shiny white fruit of their labor. Mick, having the last word, even here, pulls his strangled dick from Clayton's hairy love cave and pours a liter of salty sweet baby batter all over the face and Clayton's hairy chest.

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