Spanish Playhouse 1 - Daniel, David and Hugo

Oh, Tommy. Horny piece has got to find Manuel, but behind door number four he finds Hugo Lopez and Daniel Trejo. Of course, he Cana??? T his eyes off the pair. But to his surprise, the third, David Leon, enters, and seriously? S more horny. Hugo and Daniel start kissing, and David likes it so much he strips off her clothes, revealing bulging biceps, tattooed arms and manhood that immediately intrigues Hugo. He wants DAVIDA?? Rooster. No, he wants David, period. And he gets it. Hugo gets on his knees and sucks Daniel 9-inch prick from his hairy crotch, but then yanks David? Cock bulging out of underwear and devours it! Suck and suck and suck. Thata?? S What do the three boys. Daniel eventually becomes a hot fucker, first letting Hugoâ?? The hard ass ride and ride and ride. Tommyâ?? With â?? Look Showa?? Ends all three guys shooting hot, sweet loads.

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