Start Your Engines

After tearing karting, Wutt Pramans and head showers and eventually celebrating with some Racey bedroom antics. Both smooth-skinned guys know how to please and Raceway competition soon forgotten in a sea of hands, mouth and penis. Elsewhere, Lim and Wanchai wander through the high grass and discover that they both have an erection. They find some privacy at the site, and soon to show their significant products! Both of these guys are dong to hang clothes from them in turn use them against each other - hot. Finally, Sujit has a tendency to Methee recovery when a patient insists on a more personal "treatment." How unfortunate "nurse" pull the bed, Methee smothers him with kisses and other more pompous note does wonders for his dispostion. This is, obviously, not HMO. Join in the fun and start your engines.

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