Steaming White Hot Load

Today handsome and tattooed Firefighter Ryler and big cocked Private Pauly meet up for a quick jerk on the military cot and end up showing each other something about rubbing feet, and other body parts. And vocally noticing how sexy legs of a woman in the porn they are rubbing their clothed bulges to, leads to Ryler taking the next step and asking Pauly if he would not mind rubbing his feet. Pauly immediately obliges as Ryler unties his boots and heaves his feet up on the cot for Pauly to work his magic. Pauly really gets turned on by the smooth texture of Ryler feet in his hands and to undo his belt buckle to make some breathing room, it seems monstrous bulge in the crotch of his pants camouflage. Not wanting to be the one who gives, Pauly pulls his boots and his T-shirt. Ryler slips out of his as well, exposing the obvious results of his dedication to the gym before both of them are massaging each other's feet. That seem to get closer and closer to their cocks. Unable to take hold for over Pauly stands up to get more comfortable by sliding his pants and tight black boxer-briefs, exposing big ass dick completely hard and ready for physical contact. Ryler quickly does the same and both sit back down on the cot to touch the other's feet and jack their gorgeous girthy dicks. Pauly really starts jerking faster and faster as Ryler pulls the other leg off the floor and places each foot around his pulsating cock, slowly squeezing the veiny slick shaft and sliding soles of his feet up toward his sensitive engorged head. Getting even more turned on by Ryler way cock feels against his feet, Pauly asks if he would mind sucking on his aching erection for a bit. After the promise of some reciprocation, Ryler is excited to comply. Leaning over his lap Pauly as he leans back on the bed with his eyes still focused on the video they originally put on, Ryler uses both hands to guide Pauly impressive cock in tight slippery lips. He starts bouncing up and down and using his hands to massage the length that would not fit inside; much to the delight of Pauly's. Jerking himself and playing with Pauly nuts at the same time letting that cock slide in and out of his face, Ryler really excited and stops to ask Pauly if he would not mind returning favor before standing up. Poly drops to his knees to help. They both really get into this dynamic with Pauly's mouth swallowing enthusiastically in down Ryler nuts while getting pumped from the other side. Pauly, in a burst of energy, pushes Ryler back so that he falls to the cot and he can get more leverage to service his dick exactly the way he wants. Leaning over his lap Pauly keeps working Ryler cock faster and faster until he yells that he's going to stop. At this point, Pauly moves his mouth to those big sexy balls and keeps licking as white river rapid sprays against the side of his face and drips down his neck while Ryler convulses in ecstasy. Standing up to get his Rocks Off, Pauly hovers above Ryler laid out on the cot as he furiously jerks an explosive steaming white hot load that covers his chest and flies onto the floor behind them.

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