straight beefy stud explodes

Furry and muscular blonde guys are always a treat in my book, and today I got a real fine specimen of straight piece. Jack Dillinger exceeds all my expectations and more. We begin to discuss their goals in porn, his limits and push my chances of getting some of them. Jack takes it all in stride and immediately goes to work getting the crotch bulge in jeans to the power limit. Jack quickly drives on the fly and pulls his hefty cock from behind the elastic waistband of his stretchy boxer. Using his right hand to hold his boxers underneath his sweaty balls, Jack pulls a hot dick until it's rock hard and ready for me to measure. It feels so good in my hand as I push roulette against him? just under 7 is the final verdict and it's perfectly proportioned. Laying back in the chair, Jack continues to break away, creating momentum towards the white fireworks we are both looking forward to. He stops in front of letting it all go and flops down on the bed after a brief respite. Hand tightly grasping his gorgeous cock, Jack continues wringing his meat-puppet and gets up on his knees to show off his virgin hetero manhole to me. Spreading his freckled hemispheres of flesh, Mr. Dillinger taps his fingers on the spokes of his taut hole and even lingers there a while sending waves of pleasure through the stomach and cause little to drip precum. It takes only a moment longer before he returned to an upright position on his knees to deliver a mouth-watering load shiny junk all over his chiseled abs gymified. I can not wait until I'm not able to corrupt this guy a little more.

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