Straight Guy Wants to Be Next Big Pornstar

Nate Richfield is a straight guy wants to be the next big porn star. He worked on his body, and it shows! His thick arms measure 15 inches of solid, 42 of his chest and his stomach has a faint outline of a six pack. This young stud is interesting to try anything on camera. But first he had to take Tony back to the couch. As he settles in some self-esteem, in his denim jeans are already stretched to its limit. He rolls his thick arms over dough, giving it more reason to swell. When he unzips his pants, tight pink hard on POPs immediately. As he continues to stroke his Stiffy, he lays back on the blue sofa. Since he looks pretty relaxed, I whip out my trusty tape measure. This beauty measures up with a full 7-inch salute. For a straight guy, I was surprised at how comfortable it was when I grabbed his penis in moderation!

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