Straight Muscle Stud Takes It In The Ass

Sexy men with rock hard body make for one exciting day in my book! Newbie Brock Landon and his super hot hairy independently came to play today with his new found friend tattooed Anthony Rex. These studs warm up with a quick round with the Master and muscle problems hunky Anthony Brock check biggest muscle he has. Brock came to me as a straight guy, but once the pants come off Anthony Brock takes to sucking cock like a fish to water. My boys catwalk Ottoman hot and heavy suck-fest, leaving pools of saliva and precum where the balls land Anthony. Anthony returns the favor and goes to town on the swelling of the stick man Brock. All the while stroking those massive PEC and running his fingers through gorgeous coat of hair on his chest. Brock is willing to take the challenge of the most developed muscles Anthony. He's ready to take it in the ass. Anthony slowly slides his dick waiting hairy hole. For a straight guy, Brock does take a cock like a man. They turn the missionary so Anthony can really get to pounding muscle bubble butt Brock. Feet in the air, Brock calls for more and more cock. The point now is to put Brock in some work, it ranges Anthony with tree trunk legs and gets ride of his life. Anthony can not hold back anymore, he dumps a huge white load all over the beautiful battered cheek Brock's painting of the upper lip sperm. Brock pulls turn with a huge shot across his stomach, and taught his load comes to rest in his man-coat. What a piece of hairy!

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