Street pick-up

Big brother Tony was on the street, paying your own business, when we came across an attractive guy waiting to adult store. As he goes by, Tony asks him what he's up to. He says he got stood up by his girlfriend, and he had just bought her some toys. With a little convincing, Tony gets him to come along for a walk. Tony has worked his magic and the guy says in the next to the frathouse to show webcam. How to talk a little bit, he decided to play with himself in front of a webcam. He begins with rubbing himself and pulls out his beautiful cock. Random visitors start coming to your site, and suggest that he plays with his toys. He pulls out bags of different sizes of dildos, and begins to experiment with them. He starts sticking little pink vibrator in his tight little ass. He slides it in gently and grimaces as he works, it's past his sphincter. He graduates bigger and seems to be getting more comfortable with the sounding of the hole along the way. Finally, it rises to 9 in giant, red dildo. He manages to get it all in that pink tight ass, all the way to the ground. It rotates around the stick and his firm fleshy cheeks in the air to show their new-found pleasure center. Punched firmly into his rectum is only the tip of the red Stiffy. He starts to work it in and out, moaning a little as he begins to enjoy the sensation. After a little ass play, he is ready to obey his prostate, and let his balls explode. He squirts a thick bundle of Jiz his rippled stomach. Then a few pearly streams of love juice fourth issue until it drips, moaning, and smiled.

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