Skyler is back in town, and I just can not wait to see how he throws Clayton Archer around in the bedroom. The two begin to play hot games STIP-blackjack. After the first round Clayton takes off his shirt, and then Skyler. But Clayton watches winning streak after that, and helps Skyler out of his jeanshorts and finally his tight blue boxer shorts. Clayton immediately seizes its prey and puts it in the back of his tight throat, eyes closed Skyler into the clip from sweet sensations. Swallowing his manmeat all the way to their high and tight nuts, Clayton continues to sit down to work that cock with Skyler on his knees. Then, the script is flipped and Skyler moved himself lying on his side, when he grabs Clayton thigh with both hands and pulls his thick cock deep into his face, and a bubbling creek dribbling precum way down his erect member, fully intact below. Pumping face faster and faster, Skyler teases Clayton, coming to a halt, looking up and kissing him passionately and then turn it around so he could get better access to his tight round ass. Weakening in the first, Skyler mounts Clayton from behind and gently pushes his rock hard cock all in his strangulation exit. Clayton can not help myself from screaming while Skyler appears intensity of his anal plowing. Next, Skyler gently lays Clayton onto his back and holds his legs so he could climb inside between them where he immediately resumes shooting session, causing Clayton's eyes rolled back in his head as his prostate ground. Moving to get a better angle to smash his insides, Skyler missing both ankles and lifts so Clayton ******* hole in the right place before returning to the dark seal and seal its bodies, as if it was his last day on earth . Clayton can take only an insane pleasure for so long before the explosion, the flow of human white sauce all over his tan chiseled ABS with that cock still plugging it from the bottom. Member Skyler responds immediately as he quickly rips it out of the limits of suffocation ass Clayton and heaves rope after rope of his own in the same pool semen, filling small accents Clayton muscular stomach.

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